Frequently Asked Questions

Providers questions

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Per CMS guidelines, standard referrals take 14 calendar days and urgent/expedited referrals are 72 hours.

At the moment, portal access is only for Primary Care Providers. All authorization requests from specialists must be faxed to UM fax number, 657-206-3375.

Retrospective services requests are never considered urgent and will be managed only in accordance with Allied Health Solutions (AHS) policy.
In accordance with the compensation policy, retrospective services payment will occur only for those services retrospectively authorized by AHS through the claims department process following medical review. The AHS utilization management department does not review retrospective authorization requests.
If a retrospective request is received in the UM department, the provider will be informed that a retro authorization request will not be accepted by the UM dept. and the provider must submit a claim for the rendered services to the AUMG claims dept. with clinical notes. There the claim will be reviewed by the AHS Medical Director for approval or denial of payment.

Lab work is ABC Labsand radiology is United Medical Imaging (UMI).

CMS defines an urgent/expedited request as a request in which waiting for a decision under the standard time frame could place the member’s life, health or ability to regain maximum function in serious jeopardy. Please note that all requests marked as urgent must be provided with a written medical reason as to why the request is considered as urgent/expedited in the ‘Medical Necessity Information’ section of the referral form.
APPOINTMENTS ARE NEVER CONSIDERED URGENT. Please mark requests as ‘Routine’ if patient has an upcoming appointment.
If a request is sent as an urgent and does not meet the noted CMS criteria above, the request will be re-classified as a standard request and processed accordingly.

Members Questions

An IPA is a type of organization that consists of independent healthcare providers (such as doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals) who come together to contract with health insurance companies and provide coordinated care to patients. The IPA allows these independent providers to work together, share resources, and negotiate contracts as a group, which can help them better compete with larger healthcare organizations.

A Primary Care Physician (PCP) is a medical doctor who provides general medical care for a wide range of health issues. They are usually the first point of contact for patients seeking medical care and are responsible for managing and coordinating their patients’ overall health care needs. A PCP provides preventative care, diagnoses and treats acute and chronic illnesses, manages chronic conditions, and refers patients to specialists when necessary.

Usually, your doctor is the person who decides if you need to see a specialist for your medical needs. They will start the process of referring you to the appropriate specialist. If you believe that seeing a specialist would be the best option for your healthcare needs, it is important to contact your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and ask for their permission. Generally, you will need to schedule an appointment with your PCP, who will assess your need for a referral to a specialist.

To update your address, you can either send an email or make a call to our Patient Hotline at (213) 476-7518 or email them at info@alliedhealthsolutionsipa.com. It’s crucial to let your health plan know of any address changes as well.